Phil Lesh - EYE OF HORUS

Legendary Bass Player of the Grateful Dead

Phil Lesh with Ritter Eye of Horus Bass Guitar

Limited Edition of 10 Basses (Only 2 left)

Pickups RITTER MASTER Quattrobucker
Electronics Phil Lesh Custom Mid Para / 4 Coil Switch
Hardware Black
Gurtpins Schaller Security Locks
Tuners RITTER BT Tuners - Custom made by Gotoh
Nut Bone
Bridge RITTER 3D Bridge + "Soundfin" String Attachment
Body Wood Mahogany (One Piece)
Neck Maple Bolt-on 3-Pieces
Fingerboard Ebony
Scale 35" (889mm)
Finish Futura Frosted
Special Features BLUE Side and Front LEDs
  Solid Silver "EYE OH HORUS" Inlay
Every Instrument comes with case, tools, and certification of authenticity. There's a lifetime limited Guarantee on each instrument.


Phil lesh's Eyes of Horus Bass Guitar Phil lesh's Eyes of Horus Phil lesh's Eyes of Horus Phil lesh's Eyes of Horus

The Phil Lesh EYE OF HORUS is a 6-String Jupiter with a custom String Spacing (Bridge 74mm - Nut 44mm).

The Electronic setup: RITTER Quattrobucker 4-Coil Pickup combined with the RITTER MASTER ELECTRONICS.

RITTER Quattrobucker 4-Coil Pickup
Phil lesh's Eyes of Horus with RITTER MASTER ELECTRONICS

Special Feature: EYE OF HORUS INLAY and Blue Side- and Front-LEDs.

RITTER Eye of Horus Inlay
Ritter blue fretboard LEDs

Phil Lesh talking about his instrument in BASSPLAYER Magazine:

"This instrument is teaching me to play in an entirely different way." Lesh says of his radical new Ritter bass.
"This bass is like a revelation to me. It's like a Stradivarius- it speaks."

"It was made by Jens Ritter in a little town outside of Mannheim, Germany.
That's in Hesse, which is actually the part of Germany my ancestors came from.
I am not sure of the trail that led me to his website, but I was just surfing the Web - I wasn't looking for a new instrument- and I came across some reference to his instruments. I went to his website and was stunned by the look of these instruments. I saw this and just said to myself, that is the coolest-looking instrument I've ever seen - I want that! At that point I was just praying that it would sound good.

I talked to Jens on the phone, and went down to meet him at last year's NAMM show. I played a few of his instruments, and I loved their sound and how easy they were to play. So I commissioned two basses from him. The first one has a shiny black finish - I got that back in July- and this second one came just a few weeks ago."

"It's a unified concept, and very German his detail and execution.
The work is absolutely first-class. He fixes the neck to the body with ten humongous bolts. It's a very solid instrument that stays in tune very well, even though it's made out of wood. That's something I've been seeking for years and years. It's amazingly easy to play."

Phil Lesh