BASF and Jens Ritter – The 3D-printed guitar

I wasn’t the best school student. I was extremely lazy and demotivated. Luckily my father had some good connections at BASF and was able to get me an apprenticeship as a mechanic in their headquarters in Ludwigshafen  – Germany.

I loved this job! My desire to learn about working with metal and

electronics, learning about tools and machinery, it all came together here. I also learned a lot about how to to create and manage whole projects. The training was quite hard and extremely quality based, German style.

I graduated after 3 ½ years with very good results and I was ready to start my own projects.

Today – after 25 years – I’m very proud to be working together with BASF on a new project. A 3-D printed guitar! The instrument is based on my Monroe model. The body is 100% 3D printed using a new high-tech plastic, invented by BASF. You can see the molecular structure of this plastic  on the upper part of the body as a macro 3D design.

I’m really very happy about this project, because I can provide some of my acquired knowledge of the last 20 years as a luthier, to the company who trained my quality awareness before I even became a guitar maker.