Welcome to my Blog!

A few weeks ago I traveled around Chile with some fantastic people. One of them, talked me into starting a blog to keep you all informed about myself and Ritter Instruments.

Most of the content will of course have to do with my instruments. I’ll show

you our latest creations; make some production and behind-the-scenes videos. I might take you with me on some of my trips around the world or let you listen in on some conversations I have with friends, customers and others.

I would like to get you involved as well, so please email me your questions about my instruments, the production progress, and even personal questions.
You can send them to this email address:

The final preparations are being made for the upcoming NAMM show and maybe I’ll use this as a start for my travel blog.
Please follow me on social media for the latest information about Ritter Instruments and myself.

Talk to you soon!