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Master bar Pickups
The Ritter MASTER BAR Pickups are switchable triplebuckers...
Slimbucker Pickups
The Ritter Slimbucker Pickups (Humbucking Single Coils)...
Ritter Electronics
The Ritter Electronics info page...
String Spacing & Scales
This spacing is progressive, increasing from the high to the low strings. The spacing is...
Multi Screw Neck Joint
The Neck Joint is a very special and mostly totally neglected sound influencing element...
3D Bridge
This Bridge is adjustable in all 3 dimensions. It's made of heavy brass and...
BB1 Tremolo System
The Ritter tremolo system for bass guitar operates with 4 high tech radial...
Swordsteel Strings
After almost 2 years of research and development the RITTER SWORDSTEEL STRINGS...
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