History // The Veil Nebula
Intune Frame (PJS) #1659
Instrument ID: 1659
Model: Intune Frame (PJS) Guitar
Year: 2016
Series: Intune Frames
Owner: Anonymous / USA
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The Veil Nebula
The String Theories are large prints of real space pictures. Integrated in those pictures - in a kind of camouflage - are fully functional electric guitars. One can take out the instrument, use it and put the guitar back into the picture. This Project is supported by ESO (The European Southern Observatory) The symbolic essence of this series: The current string theories tell us, that the final elements of molecular structures are small energy strings - the “guitar strings of God”. They are the basic element of the infinite Universe - the smallest building block of billions of solar systems in billions of galaxies. Unthinkable tiny subatomic energy strings playing the music of the stars. These strings are the basic energy of every matter in the cosmos. If we try to imagine this gigantic amount of energy, it immediately makes us feel absolutely insignificant. They remind us humans, that we are a minor weak flash in the space time continuum. We can nevertheless live a meaningful life and reach self-fulfillment. We can create our own personal universe for the time we exist as a part of the human species here on the tiny planet Earth. The secret is, to compose and play our own symphony of life. We just have to learn how to tune our individual “strings” and play the rhythms and melodies which fulfill our lives with meaning and satisfaction. Playing our “strings” together with the “strings of God” makes us a part of the eternal song of life. "Music is the cosmic order code of all life!"