History // Porsch #1808
Porsch #1808
Instrument ID: 1808
Model: Porsch Guitar
Year: 2018

PORSCH  "Below the Cow Paddock"

Royal Family

This guitar was finished and tuned in April 2018. It was then buried underground at the Odinstal winery in Wachenheim / Germany with no cover or any other protection. The instrument had direct contact to the ground – and so became a part of the nature environment.
The “grave” was in the middle of an organic cow paddock. Over the summer 2018 the cows lived above the guitar and contributed to the guitar finish in their own way...
In fall 2018 I excavated the guitar and the result was highly interesting. We brushed the sand away and dried the instrument in our drying chamber.
Nothing was done to the guitar afterwards, except a new fret polish and new strings.
A funny story is the fact that I first didn’t find the “grave” of the guitar anymore. The cows had dug over the whole place and covered the tracks of the guitar position. So I had to buy a metal detector to walk over the field searching for the signal.
Many thanks to the Hensel family of Odinstal – they are always very supportive for crazy projects!

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