History // Mermaid Of Antartica
Princess Isabella #1863
Instrument ID: 1863
Model: Princess Isabella Guitar
Year: 2018
Series: Royal Family
Datasheet: Download
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Mermaid Of Antartica
I got the inspiration for this instrument from artist Olafur Eliasson's "Ice Watch" installation in London in 2018.
He brought 30 icebergs to the city and placed them in front of the Tate Gallery. The installation invited the public to contemplate the devastating effects of climate change. For me it was a very touching moment to stand beside these ice blocks and watch them melting away. But on the other hand, it was also a very beautiful impression of color. Depending from which angle I saw the ice, the sun reflected a beautiful sparkling color combination between blue, green, white and grey.

I wanted to materialize this impression by creating a guitar illustrating this moment.
After finishing the instrument, I tried to take realistic photos of the blue/green game of sparkling. It isn’t possible with the contemporary digital photo equipment. I tried several high end cameras as well to capture this look, but today’s digital camera sensors are still not able to process the intense blues and green of this guitar. You can only experience the true color range sparkling by seeing it in real life.