History // The Chitarra Arazzo
Princess Isabella #1940
Instrument ID: 1940
Model: Princess Isabella Guitar
Year: 2019
Series: Royal Family
Owner: Valeria Maack Robbiano / italy
Datasheet: Download
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The Chitarra Arazzo
This instrument is a collaboration between Italian tapestry artist Valeria Robbiano and me. Her son - Thomas Maack - brought us together for this project.

Valeria lives on the beautiful Lake Maggiore in Italy. The theme in her tapestry artwork is the water waves of her home area. Through the guitar body you seem to recognize the tapestry artwork. You look through blurry water, so to speak. This symbolizes the connection of our cooperation.

The lines on the fingerboard are another connection of Valeria's home area and mine. The single line represents the course of the German Wine Route, the other the outline of Lake Maggiore. The position of the two lines to one another is defined by a small ruby set in white gold. This Gemstone is exactly at the position of Valeria's home and mine.