History // The Lifeline
R8-Singlecut Concept #2153
Instrument ID: 2153
Model: R8-Singlecut Concept Bass
Year: 2021
Owner: Anonymous / Germany

- String Spacing: Standard 6 (90mm-45mm)
- Body Wood: Swamp ash
- Body finish: Carrara frosted
- Neck wood: Maple
- Fingerboard: Whitewall / photo finish
- Fretless
- Scale: 35"
- Electronics: Direct Out / Backside Access Tone Switch
- Pickups: RMC Piezo

Datasheet: Download
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The Lifeline
It took years of trying until I found a possibility to use liquid casted acrylic glass and a specific photo printing technique to create fingerboards with any kind of look and style! This instrument is my first ever one with an acrylic glass fingerboard!