History // 25th Anniversary of Magic & Freedom
Princess Isabella #2155
Instrument ID: 2155
Model: Princess Isabella Guitar
Year: 2021
Owner: Anonymous / USA

* 24k Scratchy Gold hardware
* Red Cedar body wood
* Swarovski Crystal finish
* Flamed Mahogany neck
* Ebowood fingerboard
* Mammoth Ivory nut
* Nature Harmony 18k Gold inlay
* 24.75"
* Ritter Fat Jazz PU

Datasheet: Download
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25th Anniversary of Magic & Freedom
This guitar was made to celebrate Jens Ritter Instrument's 25th anniversary. The guitar is covered by over 11 thousand individually set Swarovski crystals (Jens Ritter is the only guitar maker worldwide who is officially authorized to use Swarovski crystals) Solid 18k Gold "Nature Harmony" Fingerboard Inlay The hardware has been finished in "Scratchy 18K Gold" to perfectly match the appearance of the entire instrument.