The J-Collection
The J-Collection is a selection of fine instruments - Jens Ritter's current personal favourites. Rare woods, precious gems, experimental finishes, bespoke fabrics, special stories... Every J-Collection instrument has one or more extraordinary feature.
The Sandokan
As a small child, I secretly watched a pirate movie at my grandmother's - still naively thinking that everything on TV corresponded to reality. I can hardly remember the film itself. However, one scene stuck in my mind: A powerful ruler appeared on the screen wearing a robe of pure gold - glittering and sparkling. I was deeply impressed by this never before seen cluster of beauty and wealth. A few years ago I found an old video tape of this movie at a local flea market and created "The Sandokan" as a tribute to this memory. Number 3 of this limited edition is owned by Lady Gaga.
The Paraiba Velvet
One of the main features of this Princess Isabella guitar is the special velvet that has a crocodile skin-like texture. The inlay is made of 18k white gold and contains 7 flawless and perfectly white brilliant cut diamonds. For the pot knobs, I wanted gemstones that matched the color of the fabric and its reflection. After a long search at various gemstone dealers I found two brilliant cut 6mm Paraiba tourmalines that fit the fabric's color perfectly. The hardware has been finished in "Scratchy 18K White Gold" to perfectly match the appearance of the entire instrument.
The Late Night Diamond
Black diamonds have their own mesmerizing aura. Especially late at night they unfold their magic. Features of the guitar: - body and head are covered with a unique fabric - part velvet, part linen, with a touch of lingerie - “Flora Aurum” fingerboard inlay made of white acrylic glass - 7 Brilliant cut Black Diamonds (3mm) set in white gold - Number 1 of a limited edition of 6 (+1AP)
The Benson Tribute
I designed this guitar for jazz legend and sensational 10-time Grammy winner George Benson. He fell in love with my first "Baritone Princess" in the spring of 2010, and later that year I delivered a slightly modified Princess to him. The Scale is now a 24.75"; Fingerboard, pickup, bridge foot and trussrod cover are naturally finished maple. I also added a tone & a volume Pot. The "Benson-Tribute" is one of very few solid body guitars in Georges Benson's huge personal Guitar Collection.
The Blue Dragon
Limited Edition of 25
When I was looking for shelter from the rain in London several years ago, I came upon a little shop specialized in vintage fabrics for upholstery. I bought the whole stock of this beautiful vintage gold brocade fabric which gave this limited series its name.