Multi-Screw Neck Joint
The Ritter Multi-Screw Neck Joint

The neck Joint is a very special and mostly totally neglected sound influencing element. It is responsible for the dynamic and speed (attack) of the bass and also for the string amplitude power consumption (Sustain). After comparing different constructions (identical wood from the same tree), I developed my "Multi-screw Bolt-on Neck Joint". I always use the maximum possible amount of screws per available area.
If you compare this connection physically, you will identify a much faster attack, longer sustain and a different mid-frequency range of the instrument. If you compare this connection acoustically, you will have a better dynamic, a faster response and a greater presence within your band. The reason is a lower absorption of the string amplitude energy, because the absorption area (vibrations system) is divided into 2 "oscillation arms" with different lengths, which hardly move with the string frequency.