Pictures of new Instruments Online!

Dear Customers, Dear Friends,


after a long break I'm back to normal work. My broken arm & shoulder are 80% functional again and by mid of next year everything should be completely fine.

The good part of my "summer break" was that I had plenty of time to design new Instruments. So, at the upcoming NAMM Show in January 2012 I will release 2 new Instruments: The "R8-SINGLECUT" Bass and the "MONROE" Guitar. Detailed news will follow at the end of this year!

Current news:

1. Pictures of new Instruments online now: See the newest instruments on my "Available-Page". Especially the new one of a kind and handpainted SHUDARELLA "Malibu Sue" is worth a look!

2. New Artist Series Bass "THE BONE": I'm very proud to welcome successful bass player and producer LaMarquis Jefferson to the RITTER family! Together we designed an extremely versatile Instrument.  For pictures and information see here:

3. New UK Dealer: Please welcome BASS GEAR LTD in Great Britain as a new RITTER Dealer! Phil Nixon will always have some of my basses in stock for you:

Beside the new models I will also have some new finishes available in a few weeks. So stay tuned for updates!

All the best and talk to you soon!


November 10, 2011
New Videos

Dear Customers, Dear Friends,

over the last few weeks several clips have been added to the Ritter Video Page. These include:

- Skype Videocast with Workshop tour + Q&A for the DMVBass Summer GTG 2011
- Workshop Tour for Premiere Guitar
- Interview at the Montreal Guitar show by Premiere Guitar
- Showroom Tour for
- Christopher Cargnello playing a Princess Isabella at Boutique Tone, our new Canadian Dealer.

You can watch these and more at

Talk to you soon!


August 31, 2011

Dear Customers, dear Friends,

something sensationally great just happened: I'm very proud to announce, that the world's biggest Museum - the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C. - just acquired a bass of mine! 

They got the Jupiter "Eye of Horus" which I custom designed for Phil Lesh. It is the SECOND (!) electric bass in their permanent collection besides the famous "Precision Bass" of Leo Fender!!!


I'm very proud and happy about this! It's such a great honor that this even happens during my life time!

Click here to see the "Eye of Horus"!


The Smithsonian Institution website


Talk to you soon!


July 25, 2011
Newsletter June 2011

Dear Customers, Dear Friends,

let me start with the bad news:

Recently I broke my arm and shoulder in an accident. After the first examination, the doctors were not sure whether I would ever be able to build instruments again. This was a big shock! Luckily my new physiotherapist, specialized in injuries like mine, is sure that I will have a 100% functional arm again in a few months!

Because of this situation there will be an order delivery delay of 6 to 8 weeks.

Also, some other plans had to be changed:

1. GTG-BASS Meeting in Washington: I will not be able to travel to Washington next Sunday. I will do a live-workshop tour and answer questions via Skype Video instead.

2. Montreal Guitar Show: I will also not be able to participate in the Montreal Guitar Show, first week of July. My agent Jamie Gale will be present and will bring some available instruments to check out.

The GoodNews:

3. FACEBOOK: My friend Gregor Fris just released the new official JENS RITTER INSTRUMENTS Facebook Fan Page! He will continually post videos and pictures as of now.

Please check out ...and LIKE it if you like it!

Talk to you soon!


June 24, 2011
Newsletter April 2011

Dear Customers, dear Friends!

this year started with a sensational kick off: The release of the Princess Isabella GEORGE BENSON TRIBUTE last January turned out a great success! The last guitar of the second run was sold in February. But tomorrow at the Frankfurt Musikmesse I will have some new available Bensons at my booth! Also there will be a lot of very cool one of a kind Basses! Check out the pictures.


The News of April 2011:

1. Beautiful one of a kind Cora 4-String: SHUDARELLA "The Brainstorm" - see pictures here
2. George Benson Tribute now with all black hardware available! See pictures here
3. Visit me @ FRANKFURT MUSIKMESSE from tomorrow on at Hall 4.0 / Booth Number J36
. See all instruments here


See you next days or talk to you soon!



PS: New Instrument Pictures every week? Follow me on FACEBOOK:

April 05, 2011

THE SIMPSONS  Roya 5-String 

See more detail pics at:

March 07, 2011
Newsletter January 2011

Dear Customers, dear Friends!

Welcome to 2011! The last year has been very successful for us! The PRINCESS ISABELLA BARITONE generated a big demand, and recently the guitar won the Premier Gear Award 2010 of the Premier Guitar Magazine! Also some more famous musicians became RITTER Owners! Read more:


Here is the news of January 2011:


2. Welcome MARY J BLIGE as a new RITTER Customer!
4. NAMM SHOW California - See new Basses online now!





When George Benson saw my "Baritone Princess" for the first time, he was delighted. Recently I delivered a slightly modified Princess to him: The Scale is now a 24.75" (e.g. like Gibson Les Paul). Fingerboard, pickup, bridge foot and trussrod cover are naturally finished. Also I added a Tone & a Volume Pot.

The "Benson-Tribute" is one out of very few solid body guitars in George Benson’s huge personal guitar collection!!! Welcome Mr. Benson to the Ritter Owners Club! It's a huge honor for me!

See the guitar here:




2 . Welcome MARY J BLIGE as new RITTER Customer!

Last July Superstar Mary J Blige fell in love with my CORA 5-String Bass. She immediately custom ordered one and I delivered it to her a few weeks ago. Now she's an official new JENS RITTER INSTRUMENTS Player!

Her comment regarding the Cora: "This bass is so sexy!!!". T o see a picture of Mary and her Cora, scroll down this page.




3 . Facebook


Recentley I started a Facebook page. Please sign up to receive regular news and pictures.




4 . NAMM SHOW California - Basses Online Today


I will be at the NAMM Show in Anaheim California from January 14th to 17th.

NOTE: I have a new Location: Upstairs Hall C Booth #4182

For pictures and Information of the new available instruments, click here.



See or talk to you soon!

Jens Ritter

January 06, 2011
New FINISHES page online!


See new detail pics on the FINISHES  page:

December 19, 2010
Welcome MARY J BLIGE as new customer!

Welcome MARY J BLIGE as new customer!

A few months ago Mary J Blige saw the new CORA Bass of her Bass Player JJ Smith. She immediately fell in love with it and custom ordered one for herself. She just loves bass! Last week I finished her instrument and delivered it to her personally.

Her comment: "This bass is so sexy!!!"


November 26, 2010
SHUDARELLA 3 "The Jugendstring"

Just finished: The new one of a kind Shudarella Series instrument  "The Jugendstring"



For more pictures & info click here:

October 12, 2010