Ritter Okon Bass Guitar

Okon with Quilted Maple top and Piano Black + Turquoise Transparent High Gloss Finish

The Okon is available in 2 different versions. The symmetric-bottom and assymetric-bottom. The difference of the symmetric body shape is that you have 2 strap pins for different body angles if you play with a strap.


"Because of the extreme rounded shapings, the Okon melts into the player's body!"
(Bass Professor Magazine)
"The Okon is a successful symbiosis between a piece of art and a perfect to handle musical instrument!"
(Bass Professor Magazine)
"If you play while you sit, most basses are head-heavy. But the Okon stays perfect balanced!"
(Bass Professor Magazine)
Pickups RITTER MASTER Triplebucker Pickups (Ebony Cover)
Electronics RITTER MASTER Electronics (passive + active Parametric)
Hardware Gold, Chrome or Black Hardware
Gurtpins Schaller Security Lock Strappins
Tuners RITTER BT Tuners - Custom made by Gotoh
Nut Rendered Bone Nut
Bridge RITTER 3D Bridge + B1 Single String Attachment
Body Wood Mahogany
Neck Maple Bolt-on 3-Pieces
Fingerboard Ebony
Scale 34" (863,8mm) or 35" (889mm) on Low-B Instruments
Click here for more available scale options.
Finish Frosted Transparent or Grandpa's Natural
Sound Rock-oriented temperament, straight forward, a bit aggressive presence
Every Instrument comes with case, tools, and certification of authenticity. There's a lifetime limited Guarantee on each instrument.


Ritter okon
Ritter okon
Ritter okon
Ritter okon Ritter okon
Ritter okon Ritter okon


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4-String - Futura Frosted Finish, Green Hardware and Ritter Tremelo
5-string - Piano High Gloss Finish and Antique Platinum Deco
5-string - Flamed Maple with Transparent High Gloss Asymmetric Bottom
6-String - Layered Flamed Maple Body, Grandpa's Finish and Customized Cutaway.
5-String - Poplar Burl Top + Flamed Maple Body, Grandpa's Finish. Asymmetric Bottom
7-String - Layered Flamed Maple Body, Grandpa's Finish
5-String - Futura Finish and Custom Chrome Pickguard
5-String - Layered Maple Body, Grandpa's Finish and Ritter Tremolo System
5-String - Layered Quilted Maple Body with Captain Silver High Gloss Finish
5-String - Layered Quilted Maple Body, High Gloss Finish and Blue LEDs