Princess Isabella


The PRINCESS ISABELLA Guitar Concept was conceived during a conversation with Rudy Pensa (the well known guitar collector from New York). He asked how I might design and create a "jazz guitar" using my established style and techniques of instrument making. In my mind, the challenge was to create an instrument that would have similar sustain, attack and basic sound characteristics of a traditional "hollowbody" jazz guitar, but with a solid body. After 4 years of continual design, research and development, the PRINCESS ISABELLA is finished.



Body Thickness The body is unusually thin, measuring approximately one inch in thickness.
String Attachment The backside attached string bows function as an "attack delay" mechanism.
"Semi-Floating" Bridge Instead of using a traditional "floating" bridge or attaching the bridge with studs into the body, the hand cast bridge foot is "mounted" into a small hollowed area carved into the body that exactly matches the contour of the bridge foot.
The bridge foot is held in place by a "friction setting" and only makes contact with a 2mm thin elliptical contour ridge along the hollow area. Thus, most of the surface area on the interior side of the bridge foot and the bridge studs "float" in the hollow area.
The combination of these exclusive features create a "hollowbody" resonance, which results in a warm and open tone, typically found only in a hollowbody guitar.


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Princess Isabella with Burst Finish
Benson Tribute - Piano High Gloss Finish
The Dragon - Black Brocade Dragon Pattern Fabric
Princess Isabella
The Butterfly
Benson Tribute - Damaged Desktop Finish
Benson Tribute with Black Hardware
Princess Isabella - Benson Tribute
Princess Isabella - Shudarella