Ritter Royal Family

The RITTER ROYAL FAMILY instrument are exclusively selected.
They've been defined as a "Royal" because of their unique features or an exceptional design history aspect of Jens Ritter's career as a luthier.



Royal Family - 1863
Ritter Royal 1863

Royal Family Instrument

I got the inspiration for this instrument from artist Olafur Eliasson’s ICE WATCH installation in London in 2018.

He brought 30 icebergs to the city and placed them in front of the Tate Gallery. The installation invited the Public to contemplate the devastating effects of climate change. For me it was a very touching moment to stand beside this ice blocks and watch them melting away connecting myself directly with the climate change.

But on the other hand, it was also a very beautiful impression of color. Depending in which angle I walked around the ice, the sun reflected a beautiful sparkling color combination between blue, green, white and grey.

I wanted to materialize this impression in creating a guitar illustrating this moment.

After finishing the instrument, I tried to take realistic photos of the blue/green game of sparkling. It wasn’t possible at all with the contemporary digital photo equipment. I tried several high end cameras to capture this look, but today’s digital camera sensors are still not able to process the intense blues and green of this guitar.

So you can only experience the true color range sparkling by seeing it live.
Royal Family - 1746
Ritter Royal 1746
He was such a free artist.
He was a music genius.
He was one of my biggest influencers.
Talking to him was like receiving unlimited energy for my creative soul.
We laughed together.
We were sad together.
I will never forget him!

Thank you Prince!

This instrument is covered with approximately 11 thousand Swarovski crystals. Each one was set by hand – piece by piece.
The inlay design is the audio waveform of Prince’ song PURPLE RAIN. The inlay is entirely cut out of a solid piece of pure 24k Gold.

A blog post and video about this guitar @ https://ritter-instruments.com/blog/purple-rain/


Royal Family - 1736
Ritter Royal 1736
Princess Isabella Mémoires de Paris
Royal Family - 1712
Ritter Royal 1712

The inspiration for this instrument came to me during a dive with my family on Mallorca, the largest island in the Balearic Islands.
We snorkeled in beautiful green / blue water and searched for gold colored sea shells on the bottom of the sea.

I was lucky to find the perfect piece of wood for this instrument: A beautiful multi-colour one-piece Flamed Maple.
The 24k Gold Dots in the fingerboard symbolize the sea shells we were looking for.

- Hardware Color: Scratchy Gold
- Body Wood: Two-tone flamed maple - Solid 1-piece
- Body Color: Alcudia Bay
- Body Finish: Transparent high gloss
- Neckwood: Mahogany
- Neck Color: Alcudia Bay
- Neck Finish: Transparent high gloss
- Fretboard: Ebony
- Frets: 22 RITTER Costom Gold Alloy Frets
- Scale: 24.75" (628,65mm)
- Pickups: Ritter Fat-Jazz
Royal Family - 1629
Ritter Royal 1629
First Princess Isabella BASS

RITTER ROYAL  "The Vintage London Flower"

Vintage Brocade Fabric
33.3" Scale
Light weight: 3.1 kg (6,82 lbs)
Sound: Very Vintage!!!
Royal Family - 1619
Ritter Royal 1619

Beautiful Cora Concept
Red Dragon Gold Brocate
Birdseye maple Fingerboard and Pot Knobs
RMC Piezo Pickup
RITTER BA Tuning System
Royal Family - 1616
Ritter Royal 1616
Ritter Royal "The Second Rose"

Each year I color one instrument with the rose petals of my Showroom Window. See an example here:

Roya 5-String
Long Line Fingerboard
Birdseye Maple (Solid One Piece)
RMC Piezo Direct Out
Royal Family - 1608
Ritter Royal 1608
Princess Isabella


Golden Swarovski Crystals

Solid 24k Gold Inlays
Royal Family - 1544
Ritter Royal 1544

Royal Family - 1529
Ritter Royal 1529

Royal Family - 1527
Ritter Royal 1527

R8-Singlecut 4-String
Royal Family - 1526
Ritter Royal 1526

One of a Kind "The Flora Mare"

- Solid Flamed Maple Body
- Flora Aurum Inlay (Solid Silver)
Royal Family - 1521
Ritter Royal 1521
Princess Isabella

20th Anniversary Instrument The one of a kind "Red Dragon"
Royal Family - 1512
Ritter Royal 1512
One of a kind "The FIRST ROSE"

This guitar is colored with an extract of our workshop rose petals.
Royal Family - 1428
Ritter Royal 1428
The Pechstein

I’m very happy to announce the auction of THE PECHSTEIN. This unquestionable one of a kind rock guitar was fermented for one year in the finest Riesling wine of the Von Winning winery.

Auction information:

Start of the PECHSTEIN GUITAR charity auction:

Sunday 16th December 2018 at 18:00 (6pm) (time zone:  Central European Standard Time (GMT+1))

End of the PECHSTEIN GUITAR charity auction:

Sunday 23rd December 2018 at 18:00 (6pm) (time zone:  Central European Standard Time (GMT+1))

Sign up to participate in or to receive updates about the auction at: www.ritter-instruments.com/auction-signup.php

For more information visit: thepechstein.com
- Body: German Oak ("fermented")
- Neck: Switenia Mahogany
- Fingerboard: Ebony
- Inlay: Vine leaves (designed by Simone Rutz and made from left over wood from the wine barrel)
- Frets: 22 Dunlop 6150 frets
- Scale: 24.75"
- Finish: Custom frosted transparent
- Bridge: Schaller STM Custom
- Tuners: Gotoh SGL HAP-A 510
- Electronics: Volume, tone and PU switch
- PUs: Ritter HB-F Humbucker

The custom case includes one of the 500 bottles of the Riesling barrel and 2 Riedel Riesling glasses
Royal Family - 1412
Ritter Royal 1412
Roya 5-String

One of a kind "The Drake"
Royal Family - 1410
Ritter Royal 1410
The Back in Black is the 3rd instrument in my Blast from the Past series.
This new Porsch Guitar model has 2 Black diamonds (10ct) set in white gold in the Pot-knobs.
Tunerheads, PU covers and the back of the instrument feature lyrics from the AC/DC song.

Specialty: 2 Black diamonds set in white gold in the Pot-knobs & Laser engraved backplate

At the age of 10 I got a very important Christmas present from my parents: My first record player with integrated Stereo Speakers and a fantastic first record: "The Smurfs"
I played this record again and again all over the 2 Christmas holidays. After Christmas I visited my neighbor. He was just a few years older than me and also got a record player from his parents.
I was totally shocked. His record player was much cooler than mine. The speakers were connected to the power outlet and in each speaker there were 3 light bulbs - blue, red and yellow. These light bulbs switched on/off in the rhythm of the music.
It was a fascinating atmosphere - listening to real cool music and watching the "dancing" lights. I needed to have this atmosphere at my home as well.
Of course I couldn't get this extremely expensive record player myself, but I had enough money saved to buy a cool music record the next day.
This record made a huge impact on my musical taste. It was recorded by a band with a strange name - AD/DC - and the title of the record was "Back in Black"
Royal Family - 1346
Ritter Royal 1346
One of a Kind  "The JIM BEAM - CAMPFIRE"

- Solid Flamed Maple Body
- Jim Beam - Campfire Finish
- solid 24k Gold OVAL RINGS Inlay
- Scratchy 24k Gold covered Hardware

Check out the making of Video below:
Royal Family - 1327
Ritter Royal 1327
The Converse Chuck Taylor
Royal Family - 1321
Ritter Royal 1321
The Pass of Caradhras

Featuring custom artwork from Andreas « Heavy Metal covers God » Marschall.» ( http://www.marschall-arts.com/ )
Royal Family - 1253
Ritter Royal 1253
"The Paul Schupf"
Royal Family - 1247
Ritter Royal 1247
"The X-men"
Royal Family - 1241
Ritter Royal 1241

- Over 7000 Aquamarine Crystals
- Solid Platinum Oval Ring Inlays
Royal Family - 1235
Ritter Royal 1235
The Wurstmarkt

Photographs by Simone Rutz
Royal Family - 1206
Ritter Royal 1206
"The Black Dragon"
Original Brocade Dragon Pattern Fabric
Royal Family - 1181
Ritter Royal 1181
Royal Family - 1129
Ritter Royal 1129
- One of a kind SHUDARELLA Painting (#6 of the Shudarella Series)
- Basic color: "Old Creme" High Gloss
- Handpainted ornament made of blue/cyan metallic VOLKSWAGEN lacquer
- Gold Hardware
- RITTER Slimbucker Pickups
- RITTER 4-Band Backside Access Electronics
- Beautiful singing Tone. Lot's of low end and funky attack!
Royal Family - 1119
Ritter Royal 1119

Phil Lesh Custom
Royal Family - 1115
Ritter Royal 1115
"The Bone"
LaMarquis' first studio sessions were with Organized Noize writing bass lines for Outkast, Goodie Mob, Society Of Soul, Sleepy Brown and others.
His breakthrough happened with the song "Waterfalls" by TLC.
Through the years LaMarquis has gone on to produce, write and record many successful songs with Usher, Ciara, Ludacris, R Kelly, Lil Jon, Jermaine Dupri as well as Bono, Christina Aguilera and Mary J Blige.
Royal Family - 1111
Ritter Royal 1111
"The Bogenholtz"
Royal Family - 1078
Ritter Royal 1078
Shudarella 4 "Autumn Falls"
The next unique instrument of the Shudarella Series.
A beautiful Princess Isabella painted by the German Artist Shudarella.
Royal Family - 1068
Ritter Royal 1068
Princess Isabella - "The Lotus"
Handpainted by Simone Rutz
Royal Family - 1055
Ritter Royal 1055
"The Infinity Sword"
Royal Family - 1045
Ritter Royal 1045
"The Birthday Party"
Royal Family - 1031
Ritter Royal 1031
The 5th Instrument out of the one-of-a-kind handpainted series of the German Artist SHUDARELLA
It has a beautiful JAZZ-BASS Sound, a special - little shorter - 33.3" Scale and plays like a dream!
The Visual Appearance of this Bass speaks for itself!
Have fun discovering the painting...
Royal Family - 0946
Ritter Royal 0946
"The Simpsons"
Royal Family - 0925
Ritter Royal 0925
Shudarella 3 "Jugendstring"
This Roya 5-String, painted by the German Artist Shudarella, is inspired by the "Art Nouveau" end of the 19th century.
It has a very easy playability. The sound is very present and clean.
It's a real one of a kind instrument with a high collector value but beside this, the SHUDARELLA JUGENDSTRING is just a great playing bass with a very proud tone!!!
Royal Family - 0916
Ritter Royal 0916
"The Flamed Concept"
The whole instrument is cut out of one piece Flamed Maple!
Royal Family - 0910
Ritter Royal 0910
Royal Family - 0814
Ritter Royal 0814
"The Flora Quattuor"
Royal Family - 0738
Ritter Royal 0738
Shudarella 2 "For the Legends"
Unique handmade painting of the German artist Shudarella.
Royal Family - 0731
Ritter Royal 0731
"The Stoneage"
Approximately 9,000 years old Bog-Oak
Opal Bone-Inlay & "Damaged" 24k Gold Neck Surface.
Royal Family - 0647
Ritter Royal 0647
"The Amboina"
Extremely rare one Piece Amboina-Burl Body Wood. Structured Rose Gold Surface on Neck.
Royal Family - 0637
Ritter Royal 0637
"The Flora Aurum"
Floral Pattern Fingerboard Inlay made of massive 24Carat Gold
Every single Inlay-Leaf is decorated with a Black Diamond (set in Platinum)
The Bridge, the Tuner Buttons and the Knobs are handcast in massive Gold 2 flawles Brillant-Cut Diamonds (3,3ct) are placed on top of the 2 Knobs
Tiny green Brillant-Cut Diamonds serve as Knob Position Marks
The handshaped Body is made of a one piece Highest Figured Quilted Maple
The Nut is made of at least 10000 years old Mammoth Ivory.
Royal Family - 0636
Ritter Royal 0636
"The Platinum Roya Concept"
Antique Platinum Finish.
Very rare Purple Kingwood Fingerboard.
A Flawless Brillant-Cut 0.5ct Diamond set in Platinum serves as 12th fret Position Mark.
The entire Instrument is completely carved out of one piece of wood.
Winner of German RLP Design Prize.
Royal Family - 0632
Ritter Royal 0632
"The Flora Sappirus"
A beautiful Exceptional colour intensive yellow sapphire set in Gold serves as Master Switch.
Floral Renaissance Pattern made of Gold Leaf all over the Instrument.
Volume and Tone Knobs contain 2 Yellow-Orange Citrines set in Gold.
The Nut is made of at least 10000 years old Mammoth Ivory.
Royal Family - 0610
Ritter Royal 0610
"The Golden Seal"
Body and Neck are covered with 24Carat Gold Leaf.
Flawless 2ct Brillant-Cut Diamond set in Headfront.
Black Diamonds set in Platinum serve as Position Marks at Fingerboard Side.
Royal Family - 0608
Ritter Royal 0608
"The Italian Marble"
Handmade Marble Imitation Painting.
Makassar Ebony Fingerboard.
Royal Family - 0546
Ritter Royal 0546
"The Zephyr Concept"
Futuristic reduced Design.
Blue High-Gloss Lacquer.
The entire Instrument is completely carved out of one piece of wood.
Royal Family - 0541
Ritter Royal 0541
"The Red Sting"
Drum&Bass Concept"
Short Scale / Tuned A-C.
Integrated Octavers.
Royal Family - 0534
Ritter Royal 0534
"The Mythos"
Black Futura Finish.
Bass Clef integrated in Body Design.
Multifret Fingerboard.
Royal Family - 0531
Ritter Royal 0531
"The Golden Roya Concept"
24 Carat Gold Leaf Finish.
The entire Instrument is completely carved out of one piece of wood.
Winner of German RLP Design Prize.
Royal Family - 0448
Ritter Royal 0448
"The Flora Platinum"
Floral Renaissance Pattern made of Platinum Leaf all over the Instrument.
Royal Family - 0442
Ritter Royal 0442
Shudarella "The formula of music"
Unique painting of the German artist Shudarella.