Ritter Roya Bass Guitar

Roya with Quilted Maple top and Late Lounge Transparent High Gloss Finish

The ROYA is the most popular Ritter Bass Body Shape.
The feeling is very ergonomic and the bass (4- to 7-string) hangs well balanced.


"The flowing body shape of this bass is so homogenous that it looks as if it was sculptured! It's incredibly well-balanced!"
(Bass Guitar Magazine)
"This beautiful, curvaceous body melded perfectly to mine, Making for excellent strapped and lapped playability!"
(Bass Player Magazine)
Pickups RITTER MASTER Triplebucker Pickups (Ebony Cover)
Electronics RITTER MASTER Electronics (passive+active Parametric)
Hardware Gold, Chrome or Black Hardware
Gurtpins Schaller Security Lock Strappins
Tuners RITTER BT Tuners - Custom made by Gotoh
Nut Rendered Bone Nut
Bridge RITTER 3D Bridge + B1 Single String Attachment
Body Wood Bavarian Maple
Neck Maple Bolt-on 3-Pieces
Fingerboard Ebony
Scale 34" (863,8mm) or 35" (889mm) on Low-B Instruments
Click here for more available scale options.
Finish Frosted Transparent or Grandpa's Natural
Sound Very versatile: P-Bass on Neck Pickup, Jaco Tone on Bridge Pickup, Jazz-Bass in Single-Coil Mode.
Every Instrument comes with case, tools, and certification of authenticity. There's a lifetime limited Guarantee on each instrument.


Ritter Roya
Ritter Roya
Ritter Roya
Ritter Roya
Ritter Roya Ritter Roya
Ritter Roya Ritter Roya


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Roya with Buck-Eye Burl Top
"Birthday Party" - Colorful Front LEDs
5-string fretless with Transparent High Gloss Finish - handpolished
Natural Sandblasted Bog Oak and Flamed Maple with Dark Blue Finish
Quilted Maple / Ebony body with Late Lounge Finish
The Simpsons Bass
5-string - Quilted Maple - Captain Silver Transparant High Gloss Finish
5-string with 9,000 years old Bog Oak and Swamp Ash body
Shudarella "Jugendstring"
One Piece Quilted Maple - Purple (double stained) - Transparent High Gloss
4-string Fretless with Floral 24k Gold Pattern
5-String - Burl Maple Top with Dark Red Champagne High-Gloss-Finish
5-String - Blue-Yellow High-Dense Custom Ply with High Gloss Finish
5-String - Quilted Maple Top with Birthday-2003 High Gloss Finish
4-String with Tremolo - Asian Ebony Top with Grandpa's Finish
5-String Fretless - Quilted Top with Red Champagne High Gloss Finish
5-String - Poplar Burl Top with High Gloss Finish
5-String - Flamed Maple Top with Ocean Turquoise High Gloss Finish
5-String - Black Marble Finish with Ritter Tremolo System
4-String - Walnut Top with Transparent High-Gloss Finish
5-String - CARRARA Finish
4-String - Quilted Top with Red Champagne Finish
4-String - Buck Eye Burl Top with Transparent High-Gloss Finish
5-String Fretless - Quilted Top with Flying Blue High Gloss Finish