Sleeping Beauties
Models overview // Sleeping Beauties
Electric guitar masterpieces - deactivated and sent to a 100 year sleep. A time capsule art project by Jens Ritter.

The Sleeping Beauties project was conceived out of a desire to preserve humanity's expression through music. In 2016, I attended a lecture on AI given by a famous researcher. At the beginning of the lecture, the speaker explained that the background music playing during the reception was entirely produced by AI. I was shocked by this fact; the music was really nice and I couldn't tell any difference from "human-made" music.

My mind was spinning; I was afraid that in 100 years, man-made music would be completely gone. What would be the point of AI music other than "audio decoration"? What if humanity forgets how to express itself through music? The deepest soul-connected human expression and communication skill would regress. And maybe die.

I had a deep desire to fight this future scenario, so I came up with the idea to build and deliver electric guitars into the future! The idea of the Sleeping Beauties was born.

Unique electric guitars made out of the finest tone woods combined with exceptional materials. Musical instrument masterpieces of the highest sound quality, tuned and enjoyed for just a few minutes, then declared as art and sent to sleep for 100 years.

The jack input – the connection of the electric guitar to the music world – is sealed off for 100 years. The electric guitar's purpose is sent to the future like an astronaut in cryosleep. The wake-up-date is clearly specified. A countdown of 36525 days until the guitar will sing again has started.

"I like to think of how people will react to "brand-new vintage guitars" in 100 years. I am convinced that the electric guitar will reach the same cultural potential as a Stradivarius today. The Sleeping Beauties are meaningful legacies to pass on to our grandchildren and great-grandchildren. They transport the powerful cultural energy of the electric guitar's golden age which we have to communicate to future generations! The future owners who will wake up the Sleeping Beauties a century from now will receive an important message!"

The Blue Rose
The flower of perfection shining proud even on winter days. She wears the crown. Still to this day.
The Carrara Princess
The first Sleeping Beauty
View from the Moving Castle
…sometimes one should ignore demons, continuum, destiny and simply enjoy the view from the balcony…
Happy People conduct the Moments!
Always dip your smile in the energy of positive friends. Even if they look similar.
The Stories of your Life live on!
Silver rings surrounded by Platinum and Gold dots. The ring symbolizes the life of a human. In the upcoming decades the silver will become black through slowly ongoing oxidation. Someday it will be faded away into the black Ebony – gone - how our life will end one day. The Platinum and Gold dots - free of oxidation - symbolize one’s stories. These stories will stay forever (if they are good).
The Alcudia Bay 2.0
One of my most beautiful family experiences. I dived in the blue-green waters of the Mediterranean Sea with my wife and children. Finally, we found them - tiny shells made of pure gold!
The Little Dragon
…received the golden revelation by kexp looping! Chosen blue…
Prince's Ghost in George's Bedroom
Panther's Dark Secret
No tender beauty for the Panther. Strong, black, dangerous. Keeping the natural impression - that’s top priority!
The Chelsea Flower
The butchers are gone. Colorful flowers are blooming. I like it much better that way. It is better that way.
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