The Ritter Swordsteel strings

One day most Bass builders want to sell their own bass-strings to their customers. So they pick one of the few big string production companies and buy strings there, but with own their designed packing. That's called: Private Label Strings. I looked for someone, who would produce my own strings with own specifications. Finally I found somebody, and we started to design completely new strings. We checked countless combinations of diameter, material and tension. I handed out each of the new prototypes to different professional players and used their opinion to improve the strings.

After almost 2 years of research and development the Ritter Swordsteel Strings are ready to be played.

The windings are made of a special high-alloy Steel. The surface is in compare to other high class strings a lot more smooth and compressed. The micro-pores are very small and thus your finger sweat is not able to penetrate the string's surface very good. The result is a longer lifetime than standard strings with normal surface steel. The sound of this steel is extensive dynamic and has also a wonderful brilliance (but with no obtrusively treble developing).

Picture of a good stringsurface Picture of a good stringsurface
Pictures of a good stringsurface (official pictures of SLV Mannheim.)
Picture of a Ritter Swordsteel String Picture of a Ritter Swordsteel String
Pictures of Ritter Swordsteel Strings (official pictures of SLV Mannheim.)