Swordsteel Strings

One day most Bass builders want to sell their own bass-strings to their customers. So they pick one of the few big string production companies and buy strings there, but with own their designed packing. That's called: Private Label Strings.

I looked for someone, who would produce my own strings with my definitive own specifications.
Finally I found somebody, and we started to design completely new strings.
We checked countless combinations of diameter, material and tension. I handed out each of the new prototypes to different professional players and used their opinion to improve the strings.

After almost 2 years of research and development the RITTER SWORDSTEEL STRINGS are ready to play.

The windings are made of a special high-alloy Steel. The surface is in compare to other high class strings a lot more smooth and compressed. The micro-pores are very small and thus your finger sweat is not able to penetrate the string's surface very good. The result is a longer lifetime than standard strings with normal surface steel.

The sound of this steel is extensive dynamic and has also a wonderful brilliance (but with no obtrusively treble developing).

Normal bass Strings Normal bass Strings
Pictures of a good stringsurface (official pictures of SLV Mannhm.)

Ritter Swordsteel Strings Ritter Swordsteel Strings
Pictures of RITTER SWORDSTEEL STRINGS (official pictures of SLV Mannhm.)

The string sizes are no standard measurements. The diameters I decided to use after long research with my steel regarding diameter and scale are: 122-102-82-62-42-32-22
The B and E strings have a tapered core at bridge.

This set is not a traditional HARD or REGULAR or SOFT tension set. Each string has its own special calculated tension regarding diameter and scale.
The "thinner" strings come with less tension for getting bigger amplitude to be able to induct more low-frequencies for an optimal adjustment to the "thicker" strings.
The B- and E-strings come with the highest tension because of not feeling "floppy" and getting a powerful punch on the low end.
The result is a very even-tempered playing feeling over the whole fingerboard.