Exceptionally talented!
F...ing awesome guitars!
Dave Grohl / Foo Fighters / Nirvana
Fantastic Instruments! What beautiful works of art!
Jack Bruce / CREAM
This bass is so sexy!!!
Mary J Blige
Jens turnes a cultural icon into jewels!
Dina Robinson
This bass is like a revelation to me. It's like a Stradivarius - it speaks.
Phil Lesh / Grateful Dead
The E Type of bass guitars
Paul Turner - Jamiroquai
Jens Ritter Creates Museum-Quality Guitars!
Guitar Aficionado Magazin
Jens Ritter - the German Stradivarius!
PIXX Magazine
Boldly going where no other luthier has ever gone before!
Bass Gear Magazine
Jens Ritter's instruments are among the most beautiful, intricate and expensive works of playable art...
Bill Leight / Editor in Chief BassPlayer Magazine
This is the most beautiful guitar I've seen since a long time!
Rudy Pensa / Legendary Guitar Collector New York City
Jens Ritter's instruments are not only fantastic, they are illegal!
Gibson Stoodley /ROBB REPORT Magazine
I've never played a better fretless!
Mark Wright / Accugroove
Jens Ritter, king of noble bass guitars!
Grand Guitars Magazine
Jens Ritter, the Philippe Starck of electric guitars!
Marco Thulio - Jota Quest
The most elegant Singlecut Design of our time!
Dirk Groll (Gitarre & Bass Magazine)
Beautiful Instrument! The MacBook Air of Guitars!
Gary Ciocci / Premier Guitar Magazine
Every one of his instruments is a unique work of art.
Terry Buddingh / Guitar World Magazine
Jens Ritter - soon to be legendary...
Davison Magazine / Singapore
This is the most beautiful guitar I have ever seen in my life!
Dave Pearlman (Pearlman Mikrophones)
True work of Art!
Jonathan Herrera / Editor in Chief BassPlayer Magazine
That is the coolest-looking instrument I`ve ever seen- I want that!
Phil Lesh / Grateful Dead
Looking through Ritter's collection it's easy to see why his pieces have been featured in art galleries!
Jens Ritter pushes the limits of his craft!
Rubensteins Magazine
Jens Ritter - the great Design-Magician!
G&B Magazine